Why You Should Choose Specialist Motoring Solicitors

Solicitors Are Like Doctors

In the legal profession, solicitors have specialties, in much the same way as doctors do. If you need an operation on your back, you go to see a back specialist, not an ears, nose and throat expert.

Law is the same, and while there are many general practice solicitors on the high street, providing conveyancing, matrimonial & probate services quite effectively, there are some areas of law which need an experts eye if you are going to get the best outcome in court.

If you aren’t in court everyday, dealing with just one area of the law, it’s difficult to know everything about the laws involved, that’s why, by choosing a dedicated lawyer who only deals with road traffic offences, you will have access to the level of expertise that will ensure the best outcome.

Modern law is very complex, and is constantly being amended with case law, whereby the outcome of one court case can dictate the future outcome of other similar cases. If your solicitor isn’t dealing with the specific law that you need on a very regular basis, they can’t help but be less effective in court.

Some specialist motoring law solicitors deal with thousands of road traffic prosecutions every year, making them in many instances, better informed than the magistrates that are preciding over the cases.

This can allow your defence counsel to present arguments in your defence that stand up in court and in turn get you acquitted or the more lenient sentence possible in law.

Don’t take a chance with your licence, search for expert representation and defend your driving licence.

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