Backlinks Drive Traffic

SEO & Backlinks

If you want to attract large volumes of organic search engine traffic from Google and the other major search engines, Yahoo & Bing then you need backlinks pointing to the important pages of your website.

Assuming that your website is fit to rank in SERPs and ticks all of the boxes necessary to be considered worthy of inclusion within each search engines ‘Index’ of sites, the only way to achieve top rankings for the most competitive search terms that ultimately are responsible for the bulk of organic traffic is to build high quality, Google friendly backlinks that enhance your trust and authority metrics.

Backlinks Pass Trust

Each of the links that you have pointing to your site will pass either positive or negative signals to your site. When your site posesses the strongest trust and authority signals then you will rank first…. simples!

A good back link has several characteristics that give it value;

  1. Unique IP
  2. Do Follow
  3. Google Indexed
  4. Relevant Content
  5. Relevant Link Category
  6. Contextual Link
  7. Natural Link Text

Combined with these important factors, you also need to avoid paid links, avoid link farms and link networks and the over optimization of exact match anchor text and on page keyword density.

If you meet all of these requirements then you will climb online and attract highly focused visitors that want to buy from you.


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