Land Rover Defender Becomes A Collectors Item

In 2016 the last Land Rover Defender rolled off the production line, marking the end of an era spanning almost 70 years.

The Defender is thus the longers lasting car in production in history.

There are of course questions to be asked as to how it manages this amazing feat?

During those 70 years, our motoring habits have changed beyond all comprehension.

Originally conceived as a British version of the Continue reading “Land Rover Defender Becomes A Collectors Item”

Window Blinds That Transform Your Home

A lot of people prefer window blinds to curtains in their homes because they give them more control over the amount of light that enters their home.

While blinds are very functional, this does not mean that they can’t look great too.

In fact, they have a lot to offer in terms of interior design. There are a number of factors that you should consider when choosing blinds for Continue reading “Window Blinds That Transform Your Home”

Why You Should Choose Specialist Motoring Solicitors

Solicitors Are Like Doctors

In the legal profession, solicitors have specialties, in much the same way as doctors do. If you need an operation on your back, you go to see a back specialist, not an ears, nose and throat expert.

Law is the same, and while there are many general practice solicitors on the high street, providing conveyancing, matrimonial & probate services quite effectively, there are some areas of law which need an experts eye if you are going to get the Continue reading “Why You Should Choose Specialist Motoring Solicitors”

Problems With The UK Housing market

Why Is The UK Housing Market Struggling?

There are several major issues preventing first time buyers from entering the housing market in the UK.

The first of these is a shortage of supply. For decades we have built less new houses than the market required, which on the one hand does support house prices for existing home owners, which is important for personal wealth.

This shortage is magnified by the bank industries trials and tribulations which have resulted in a complex set of lending rules which mean that banks are only prepared to lend to people who Continue reading “Problems With The UK Housing market”

Timber Frame House Construction

Looking At Timber Frame House Construction

The building fraternity in Britain have different and varying opinions on the nature of house construction. Some favour traditional brick building, or brick and block, as it is more often today. Others favour timber framed construction, although to many people, the difference, once they are complete is hard to tell.

Those who favour timber frame construction will cite the obvious advantages that can be gained by using it, notably the speed with which the basic erection happens.

Digging the foundations for the footings is the same procedure for either. These will be built up out the trench in brick or blocks, or be poured concrete up to ground level.

The difference in time scales then really shows, as the prefabricated timber frames, which are factory made, can be Continue reading “Timber Frame House Construction”

Backlinks Drive Traffic

SEO & Backlinks

If you want to attract large volumes of organic search engine traffic from Google and the other major search engines, Yahoo & Bing then you need backlinks pointing to the important pages of your website.

Assuming that your website is fit to rank in SERPs and ticks all of the boxes necessary to be considered worthy of inclusion within each search engines ‘Index’ of sites, the only way to achieve top rankings for the most competitive search terms that Continue reading “Backlinks Drive Traffic”